Where can I find the Worksheets that Go with the Audiobook?

You can download them right here.

I have a specific question about my/a friend’s wellbeing.

You can email Emily and Amelia here. As you can imagine, we get a bunch of emails, and we try to respond to every single one which means our answers aren’t big, deep, comprehensive tomes of wisdom. Mostly our answers are basically, “What you’re experiencing is normal” plus “Try doing the worksheets very painstakingly,” or “Consider therapy.” So if you have a question and you’re considering email us (contact form here)… what you’re experiencing is normal. Try doing the worksheets very painstakingly. And consider therapy. Hope that helps! Thanks so much for writing, Emily and Amelia.

I have a comment/question about the science in book.

We love talking about the science. Email us here! Also make sure you read our ginormous caveat about science in the Introduction of Burnout. We’re convinced that science is an essential tool to advance women’s wellbeing, and we’re also aware that science remains intensely patriarchal, ciscentric, and essentialist. One result of that is that much of the science we wanted to read does not yet exist. As that changes, we hope to update Burnout.

Are you twins? Are you identical? DId your parents dress you alike? Did you ever switch places?

Yes. Yes. No, Once, and it didn’t go well.

Um, I was looking for Emily and the Sex stuff?

You can find her and the sex stuff right here, thanks for asking!