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Writing Sex Workshop

  • Writers in Progress 221 Pine St # 359 Florence, MA 01026 United States (map)

There are so many reasons to write about sex. Maybe you’re writing a novel or short story and your characters get busy. Maybe you want to write a sexy email to your certain special someone. Maybe you’re keeping a sex journal or writing a sexual memoir, to document your personal journey. Maybe writing is how you process a trauma. Whatever the reason, writing about sex can be transformative – but it can also be intimidating. Does it sometimes squick you out? Do you fret over the “choreography”? Are you not sure you actually know enough about sex to write about it? In this workshop, Bird by Bird meets the science of sex. Through a series of short assignments, participants will write shitty first drafts of a sex scene, based on three central findings from the science of sex: the brain mechanism that governs sexual response; the differences between arousal and pleasure; and the impact of stress and love on sexual desire and pleasure. Half writing time, half teaching time.